Cool-Brewing Fermentation Cooler

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Everyone knows that temperature plays a critical role in making good beer, but we also know that maintaining temperature can be challenging, sometimes an effort in futility depending on where you live. The Cool Brewing Bag is an inexpensive and easy solution for maintaining your fermentation temperatures. The bag is designed for standard fermenters and carboys up to 6.5 gallons: simply place your fermenting vessel of choice in the Cool Brewing Bag, add frozen 2 liter or 1 gallon bottles full of water (Every 2 liter container of ice that you add will help to drop the temperature in the Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler by 5 degrees Fahrenheit), and switch out every 24 hours. Its as simple as that!

The Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler can effectively work to control temperatures down to 30F below ambient temperature. The Cool Brewing Bag is sealed, insulated, and 100% waterproof. As it is a contained system, it can also prevent harmful UV rays from reaching the beer in your clear carboys. Its eco-friendly, too! Folds up nice and easily too for storage. The Cool Brewing Bag is great for keeping kegs cold for serving too, and is great for camping or tailgating!



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