Amylase Enzyme

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Amylase Enzyme is a food-grade bacterial alpha-amylase enzyme produced by fermentation of a non-GMO strain of bacillus.

Alpha-amylase is the enzyme responsible for the hydrolysis of large, complex starches into simpler starch molecules which can be easily converted to fermentable sugars. It is used during all-grain brewing as a mash addition to increase mash efficiency in brews which have a large amount of adjuncts or a lack of hydrolyzing enzymes.
Alpha-amylase works in conjunction with naturally occurring beta-amylase in the mash to ensure maximum conversion of starch to sugar, and will convert starches at normal mash temperatures (145-158F).
Understanding that beta-amylase (the enzyme responsible for most of starch to fermentable sugar conversion) is most efficient at temperatures below 149F provides a brewer with better control over the yield and extraction efficiency of the mash to meet the target fermentable sugar yield for their particular brew.

Amylase enzyme 1 oz jar or 1 lb bag. Use - 1 tsp per 5 gallons.



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