SuperJet Filter Pads

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The Buon Vino wine filters have been designed to use Buon Vino Filter Pads. A set of three pads is required every time you filter. They must be all the same number. Use three #1 pads or three #2 pads, etc. Dont mix #1, #2 or #3. Wine has different sizes of suspended particulate and will vary greatly depending on the type of wine produced. Buon Vino provides 3 grades of pads to remove specific micron-sized particulate corresponding to the need.
  • #1 Course Pads - remove large particulate in a heavy wine, typically those heavy reds.
  • #2 Polishing Pads - they remove medium to small particulate in your wine and add the shine to your wine.
  • #3 Sterile Pads - very tight pads that remove very small particulate in your wine.
Most wines that are fairly clear will benefit most from using a #2 pad without using a #1 or #3. However, if you will be using all three grade pads, we strongly recommend that you filter with the #1 pad, then #2 pad and finish with the # 3 pads. Each package contains 3 pads (the filter holds 3 pads, therefore, all 3 are necessary each time you filter)



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